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Power lock is advanced basic components and is widely used in mechanical connection under heavy load now.
Power lock is a kind of new-type transmission way, in the wheel and axle connection (gear, flywheel, pulley, etc. ) . It is a key link device depend on tighten high strength bolts produce the pressure and friction force realize the load transfer. When bear load, through combining pressure of power lock with parts and the concomitant friction transmission torque, axial load or combined load.
1 makes host parts manufacture and installation easy;
2 long life, high strength;
3 protect the equipment is not hurt;
4 withstand multiple loads;
5 easy demount;
Power lock is now widely used in textile, office, packaging, machine tool, mine metallurgy industries of machinery and equipment, etc.
Product specifications
We do common specification: ZT1 ZT2 ZT3 ZT4 ZT5 ZT6 ZT8 ZT9 ZT11 ZY12
Conforms to the standard JB/T 7934-1999