Sell Power-saving Moderate-speed Dry Laminating Machine

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It is suitable for BOPP, PET, and CPP, PVCD, Al-plated film, Al-tissue and the compound film and paper with the same properties. Its mechanical speed is70m/min.

Main transmission device:

The main transmission device adopts alternating current frequency transforming vector to control the electric machine. The speed of heat beat and rubber-plated roller and network can be adjusted. And it can assure the tightness and looseness for the films in the oven channels.

Material-feeding device:

Group 1and2 material-feeding devices adopt photoelectric correction deviation device while the roll feeding is controlled by magnetic-particle. The material-feeding devices of compound film adopts photoelectric correction device to control.

Rubber-plated device:

The mesh rollers control the amount of ink scrappers. While the rubber roller adopts double air cylinder to raise the pressure while the pressure can be adjusted freely . It is also equipped with film while stopping to lift automatically.

Structure of oven channel:

The temperature in the oven channel through four-pace intelligent thermo controller, equipped with inner cycling device. The materials-protecting roller and the heat beat can rotate synchronically.