Sell Powered Wheelchair / Mobility Chair

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Driven Wheel: 320x60mm/14 (middle wheels)
Real Wheel: 200x50mm/8
Anti-tip Front Wheel: 150x25mm/6
Motion Controller
Curtis PMC or Penning & Giles(P+G)
Drive System 2 Drives
Dimensions (WxLxH) 680x1190x1260mm
Packing 2 Cardboard Cartons
Speed Max Forward Speed: 6.5km/h,
Backward Speed: 3.5km/h
Max Running Distance 45km
Weight Capacity 125kgs
Net Weight 80kg
Creeping Capacity 12 degree
Item Colors
Red, Onyx Black, Turquoise Blue, Forest Green, White, Yellow, Gold, Burgundy or Silver

Specification: 12V, 38Ah Qty: 2 EA Weight: 15kg x 2pcs Life Time: 500 cycles

Motor Qty: 2EA
Specification: 24V, 160-180W
Rpm: 3600 rpm
Current: 5A

Voltage: DC24V Type: Electronic/Magnetic Disk

Charger Input Electricity: AC220-110V
Changing Current: 5A
Charging Time: 6-8 hours

Warranty Period
One year with the exception of batteries or minor paint blemishes

20'Container 54pcs
40'Container 114pcs
Brand Name
Model Number