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Cordyceps Sinensis, a plant of the ergot family, is a traditional and precious dried Chinese medicinal herb belonging to the fungus category. It was highly recommended by ancient medical practitioners as the most effective cure for all illness. Owing to the herb's high efficacy and potency in curing various diseases, it is well-known as an important nourishing tonic to anti aging. However, as the sourcing and gathering of the herb is rare and difficult, so its supply often falls short of demand.
Our product Cordyceps Sinensis Capsule is made of cordycepin polysaccharide, the main active ingredients extracted from the selected refined high-quality cordyceps sinensis in Asian alpine region with Superfine Comminution Technology. It is a purely natural food supplement to anti aging and prolong lifespan.
1. Improve immunity, anti fatigue, anti aging.2. Invigorate the kidney and nourish yin, moisturize the lung and relieve a cough,
3. Powerful Anti-cancer Function
4. Improve sleep and help keep young and beautiful
Applicable for: Those suffering from decreased intelligence and memory, lung and kidney deficiency, energy deficiency, impotence and premature ejaculation, hypertension, weakness after diseases, fatigue, low immunity and radiation
Specification: 500mg*60 capsules
Main Ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis extract, MCC, medical starch
Usage & Dosage: Twice/day, 1-2capsules/time
Storage: Sealed and store in cool, dry and dark conditions
Cautions: For adult only and not applicable for women in pregnancy and baby-nursing period
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