Sell Powerli V280 , china made mobile phone

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The super and thin slippery cover,1,300,000 pixels, has a DV ynchronously photography , MP3, MP4 download and broadcast,
the U dish function, telephone the big head stick, supporting WAP go to the Internet Etc.
Basic parameter:
model number and install : V280/ two charge two battery , date line , earphone, 128 M the card
appears on market time :July of 2006
phone type: slippery cover
network make type :GSM 900/1800

the volume: 68 * 38*s 16 mm
weight: 86 g
addtion function:
alarm clock , calendar, calucutor, incoming telegram, record, wap go to the internet, u dish function, date use function, date business, GPRS, date connect, usb connect , othe date function , high extend function, camera, cmos sensor,130 million pixels
camera function: support DV to have the voice to synchronously shoot multi-media function :support MP3 , the MP4 broadcasts
memory capacity: 2 Gs inside, take the 128 M memory card, expand the support , support TF card to expand