Sell Powerrip Flexible Cohesive Bandage

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PowerRip Flexible Cohesive Bandage has a combination of strength elastic cotton polyester cloth and latex coating which allows cohesive properties. Mainly used for training and game in sport.

1. Torn easily and smoothly
2. Unfolded homogeneously
3. Self-adhering, no need of clips or gasteners
4. Maintains the original size, without constricting
5. Water resistant and well breathadle
6. Quick and easy remove by hand, without sticky residue

Widely used in medical and spert

Specification Packaging
1"*5yds 24rolls/box 576rolls/ctn
2"*5yds 12rolls/box 288rolls/ctn
3"*5yds 12rolls/box 192rolls/ctn
4"*5yds 12rolls/box 144rolls/ctn
6"*5yds 12rolls/box 96rolls/ctn
Minimum Order Quantity
5000 rolls