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Traditionally, air ductwork is made of sheet metal which is installed first and then lagged with insulation as a secondary operation. TD Pre Insulated Air Duct Panel for Insulation Duct manufactured from rigid insulation panels does not need any further insulation and is installed in a single fix. Light weight and installation speed are among the features of preinsulated aluminium ductwork, also custom or special shapes of ducts can be easily fabricated in the shop or on site.

TD Pre Insulated Air Duct Panel for Insulation Duct construction starts with the tracing of the duct outline onto the aluminium preinsulated panel, then the parts are typically cut at 45 degree, bent if required to obtain the different fittings (i. e. elbows, tapers) and finally assembled with glue. Aluminium tape is applied to all seams where the external surface of the aluminium foil has been cut. A variety of flanges are available to suit various installation requirements. All internal joints are sealed with sealant.

General standard of TD Pre Insulated Air Duct Panel for Insulation Duct
Size: 4m(L) x 1.2m(W) /piece
Thickness of panel: 20mm
Thickness of Aluminum foil: 75micron
Density of polyure: 52kg/m3
Compressive strength: 200 N/mm2
Thermal conductivity: 0.021W/m. C
Flame retardant: B1
Friction coefficient: 0.0135
Weight: 1.46kg/m2
Working temperature: -60~+80C
Humidity: 0~100%
Pressure in duct max: 2,000 Pa
Air flow max: 12m/s

Advantage of TD Pre Insulated Air Duct Panel for Insulation Duct
Fire safety, fire retardant B1
Excellent, constant thermal insulation thanks to the high density polyurethane(52+/-2kg/m3)
Light wieght, TD ducts weight 1.46kg/m2 compared to 9.8kg/m2 sheet metal duct.
Silent operation, vibration and reverberation are minimized, increasing system comfort.
Hygienic and does not absorb humidity.
Air tight seal, very low are leakage, the leakage test result is only 0.98m3/h. m2.
Simple and easy but highly productive fabrication and installation
Easy maintenance and modification can be performed on site, cut and gluing can be applied in any section of the ducts.
Excellent appearance and long lasting, life expectancy are 20 years.

Application of TD Pre Insulated Air Duct Panel for Insulation Duct
Its application has been gradually extended to all types of air distribution system such as industrial, commercial and civil. (shopping mall, hotel, air port, office buiding, hospital, apartment, workshop, warehouse, villa, clean room, etc)
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