Sell Precision Bobbin Winder

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SGD180 Precision Bobbin Winder
This machine is the newest equipment developed and designed for the current texiles. It can merge cotton yarn and spendex toghter into bobbin. The draft to solve the malady that is the yarn and spandex will separate while foemed well without the phenomena of out of travese. The formed bobbin is for the twist of two for one twieting machine.

Technical parameter

Spindle number:80spindle(each 8 spindle) can be changed

Max. volume size: #44WL170mm

Forming bobbin type: roller drive, cam forming

Linear velocity: 300~350m/min

Applied materials: cotton yarn, chemical fiber, spandex

Doubling yarns number: 1-3

Draft times:3-4times

Size: L13600WW1300WH1550mm

Weight:about 2000kg