Sell Precision Casting

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Investment casting plant produces precision investment cast parts for:

- aircraft
- air weapon systems
- computers and data processing
- electrical motors and switch gear
- electronics general
- food machinery
- gas turbine
- machine tools and accessories
- medical equipment
- metal working equipment
- optical equipment
- pumps and compressors
- textile machinery

Quality Control:

In order to ensure the compliance of manufacturers and the customer, quality must be defined by a series of regulations for casting control (examination) and by criteria for their acceptance and rejection.
Such regulations simplify the decision about casting acceptability. Casting (product) quality regulations are developed by the user and manufacturer, stating the planned state of casting. Here, what is desirable or necessary must not be taken into account solely, but also what is practical, now or in the future. Final state of casting for delivery is defined upon manufacture of test casting group. Useful casting characteristics, except shape, dimensions and final treatment, are determined by metallurgic characteristics.
Therefore, the casting quality is, controlled by certain methods, sensitive enough to check the characteristics which define the requested quality level.

We perform:

- analysis of chemical composition
- control of mechanical properties
- visual control
- radiographic control