Sell Precision Digital pressure transmitter LDD2000

Precision Digital pressure transmitter LDD2000	You May Also Be Interested In: digital pressure transmitter digital transmitter
(1) inside DSP, exact non-linearity, zero and sensitive compensate
(2) support RS485 twisted-pair network, can connect 32 LDD series transmitters
(3) communicate with computer, easy operation
(4) figure output, read the pressure value directly read distinguish rate less than 0.01%
(5) high precision output, the precision is 0.05% FSO
(6) tare function, scale factor function
(7) special zero and sensitive revises order
(8) Measure range: 0~35 Kpa to 0~40 Mpa
(9) Gage pressure, absolute pressure.
(10) Protect grade: IP63
(11) special application: Industries process control, edible light industry, petrochemicals