Sell Prefabricated Cabin House

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Main Feature:
House Type: The accommodation is single ridgepole, monolayer and pitch roof, the total area is about 116 square meters, The area of indoor is 59.44m2there are two bed rooms, one living room, one kitchen, and two bathrooms in this house. .

Water and electrical power materials option: To select the wires, the switch panel, the pipes, the protect pipes, and the sanitary fittings which are accordance with Australian Standard.
Quantity of Modular:
Two 40GP Container Modular Bodies to split joint together
Mode of Composing: Monolayer
Overall Size: The size of indoor is Length:12192mm, Width:2W2438mm, Height:2591mm. The clear height of indoor is 2275mm. The size of Roof is Length:Length:13900mm, Width:8350mm, Height:2591-3100mm
Shape of Roof : Single Pitch Roof