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We prefabricated your dream home using light gauge steel frames and no professional knowledge is necessary. Any handy man can construct the prefabricated home very easily with the schematic drawings or vcd we supply showing the construction steps.
Due to the properties of steel, the home offers the safest building materials around and prevents it from collapsing during the disaster earthquake.
The first thing to be considered when the most people build their dream home is money. The home is designed on the basis of do-it- yourself concept, therefore ANo.7CPC has figured out how every thing goes together and components are marked for ease of assembly at the job site. In addition, all the high quality & low cost materials required for the construction of the home are purchased from the manufacturers in China and fabricated and preassembled in our workshop, which offers the direct savings to the customer. The waste and human error are eliminated and no wastage and scrap are left at job site for clean up when the home is assembled.

Design flexibility
We build your dream home to suit the customer demands so that the home plan can be modified. We also prefabricate the home according to the customer design even the customer may change the materials used.

More durability
Due to the features of the steel, termite- proof, fire- proof, rust-proof, anti-seismic, the home service life can last at least 40 years.

Home kit includes:

Roofing system:
Roof trusses, all the parts and components required for construction of the roof system and ceilings.

Interior & exterior walls, vinyl siding or Jinbang boards for the exterior walls, wood boards, light gauge steel, rock wool insulation, composite boards for the interior walls, plumbing & electrical wiring.

Aluminum or vinyl windows

Aluminum or wood doors

Full bathroom:
Toilet, lavatory, sanitary ware, ceramic tile for the bathroom

Kitchen cabinet, faucet,

Wood or bamboo or composite

Video cd
For easy installation of home

For each standard part

The prefabricated home can be shipped around the world
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