Sell Premolded Cable Joint

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The CEE JYZY Premolded Cable Joint is a fully-shielded, insulated and sealed straight joint splicing kit, rated up to 36kV (Um) , for XLPE cable with copper wire screen or copper tape screen. It is for direct buried, vault, manhole, submersible and other severe service applications, connected with underground cable ranging from 35 to 400 mm2(conductor cross section) . The joints have been designed and tested per IEC 60502-4 and IEEE 404 standards to assure system matched performance and ratings equal to the cable to which the joint will be installed.

The CEE JYZY Premolded Cable Joints incorporate single piece design with crimped connector. Optional copper or bi-metal crimped connectors are suitable copper and/or aluminum cable conductors. Optional mechanical shear off links are easy to install without compression tool.