Sell Prepaid  Contactless IC Card Gas Meter (FQ)

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FQ prepayment gas meter can be used to measure flow of natural gas or coal gas, one IC card for one household and one meter. The data in the IC card can be transmitted to the gas meter and then the gas meter will open the valve and begin gas supply, after the purchased gas volume is used up, it will cut off gas supply automatically and user must buy gas again to resume gas supply.
With the support of software and IC card controller, it can manage total used gas, total purchased gas, the state of valve and so on. It not only increase efficiency but avoid house call fee-charge, therefore greatly prevent the happening of owing.

1. Adopted contactless IC card patent technology, which can transmit wireless data outside water meter, so it has special functions of waterproof, damp-proof and anti-attack;
2. Adopted no energy consumption technology which can ensure the inside accessory batteries to be used for more than 8 years
3. Its inside circuit is sealed with epoxide resin, so it can work normally under humid environment.
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