Sell Preparation Station (BTD 6100B)

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Preparation station of feature

1. Booth Dimensions
- Internal Size(L*B*H) :6300*3450*2800 mm
- External Size(L*B*H) :7800*3450*2800 mm
2. Foundation and Floor
-Loading Capacity:of Galvanized Grating:600KG/ wheel
- Surface Area:9M*2 ,2 Galvanized Grating gills
- Metal Basement:NO
- Drive-in Ramps:NO
3. Lighting
- Ceiling Lightings:NO
- Brightness:NO
4. Filtration
- Prefilters Fiberglass, Paint-Stop-Filters Plate type duel filters
- Ceiling Filters:NO
- Floor Filters Fiberglass, Paint-Stop-Filters
5. Ventilation System
-Direct Drive Motor (Fresh Air) :1*5.5KW,970RPM,380V,50 HZ motor certificationCE
- Fan Capacity:18.000m*3/h