Sell Pressing Parts - Cam Buckle

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Pressing Parts - Cam Buckle
Product ID: S01 / S02


* S01
o Capacity: 1,136kgs
o QTY: 100pcs
o NW: 22kgs
o GW: 23kgs
o CUFT: 0.4'
* S02
o Capacity: 1,136kgs
o QTY: 60pcs
o NW: 19kgs
o GW: 20kgs
o CUFT: 0.4'

Main Product:
Car Bike Rack, Roof Luggage Rack, Ratchet Buckle, Cam Buckle, Anti-Lock Brake System, Bicycle Carrier, Hand Power Fuller, Cycle Shuttle, Disc Brake, Installation Tie Downs, Strap Tighteners, Related P

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