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SZJT Series Pressure/Differential Pressure Transmitter is a multipurpose digital intelligent instrument developed by Joint Sensor Instruments (Shenzhen) Co. , Ltd. , including capacitance pressure /differential pressure transmitter and direct-coupled pressure/fluid level transmitter. It is made on the basis of mature and dependable sensing technology, combining the advanced single-chip computer technology and sensor digital switch technology.
16-bit single chip is adopted as core element, and its powerful function and high-speed calculation capacity ensure the excellent quality of the transmitter. The whole design focuses on the dependability, stability, high precision and intelligentization to meet the growing demand in on-site industrial use. Digital signal processing technology is used in the software to ensure its disturbance capacity and zero point stability. However, it has the Zero Stability Capacity (ZSC) and Temperature Supplementing Capacity (TSC) .

The powerful interface function ensures the excellent interaction without manual operator. Its LCD meter can display 3 physical parameters including pressure, temperature and current, and 0-100% analog indications. It is great helpful for the on-site debugging that keystroke operation can finish the parameter settings of zero drift, range setting, damping setting even without standard pressure,

S-PORT serial communication port can communicate with the computer through the special interconnection module. With module RS485, it can realize the remote transmission of digital signal or the build up RS485 industrial LAN.

SZJT series digitalized Intelligent Pressure/ Differential Pressure Transmitter can be widely suit in the sectors such as petroleum, chemical, iron & steel, power generator, light industry and environmental protection, capable of realizing the measurement of various pressures, differential pressures, flows and fluids, adaptable for all kinds of harsh and hazardous environment and corrosive agents.

Operating ranges of SZJT series digitalized Intelligent Pressure/ Differential Pressure Transmitters

0 to 0.06 - 0.3KPa
0 to 0.25 - 1.5KPa
0 to1.2 - 10KPa
0 to 6 - 40KPa
0 to 30 - 180KPa
0 to 160 - 1000KPa
0 to 400 - 2500KPa
0 to 1600 - 8000KPa
0 to 4000 - 25000KPa
0 to 7000 - 40000KPa
We provide 6 different types of flange optional as below

0 Standard

1 One diaphragm Seal (Capillary Connection Type)

2 Two Diaphragm Seals (Capillary Connection Type, Measuring Range>= 6KPa)

3 One Diaphragm Seal (Direct Mount Connection Type)

4 Two Diaphragm Seals (Direct Mount Connection Type, Measuring Range>= 6KPa)

5 Two Diaphragm Seals (One Direct Mount and One Capillary Connection type)

HART is also optional. we provide two type:

1 Digital Signal Based on HART Protocol

2 Full Digital Transmitter with Communication Keyboard (without HART)
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