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Trade Name:Pretilachlor (Sofit)

Chemical Name: 2-Chloro-N-(2,6-dietyylphenyl) -N-(2-propoxyethyl) acetamide

Physical and Chemical Properties:
Colorless liquid, boiling point 1350/0.001mmHg; vapor pressure0.133mPa(200) .

Packing: 200kg/ barrel ( or according to customers demand)

Technical on the acute oral LD50 in rats is 6099mg/kg, acute dermal LD50>3100mg/kg;
Acute inhalation LC50>2.8mg/L(4h) ;
NOEL(6months) to dogs is 7.5mg/kg
Animal testing showed no carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic effect;
In crucian, the LC50 is 2.3 mg/L, in rainbow trout, the LC50 is 0.9mg/L(all 96 h) ;
On the skin to stimulate a certain extent, slight irritation to eyes, toxic to bees.

Pretilachlor is a special herbicide, which is highly selective before bud usually. It is safe to rice, and could control many weeds, such as annual gramineae weeds. Generally using with safener together when the crop is young. 4.5-5.3g/100m2 dosage usually; such as direct sowing field or rice seed-bed, with 30% EC 15-17ml/100m2 spray or mix drug to spray.
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