Sell Printed circuit boards

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We supply:
*Single-Sided PCB, PTH Double-Sided PCB, NPTH Double-Sided PCB, Multilayer PCB(2~18 Layers) for worldwide customers
*fast and accurate solutions for Quick Turn Around (QTA) needs.
*we can provide faster than normal response in prototype and production quantities.
Prototype through to volume manufacture is all made via the same state-of-the-art tooling, manufacturing and test facilities.
*also we offer customers with highly integrated sub-assemblies as fully assembled and tested units. With the engineers formally from Foxconn (Shenzhen) and extensive supplier chain network, Jasper can help develop the human interface system solution and provide one-stop solution service. Through-hole components assembly is available at our facilities, and SMT and COB assemblies are outsourced at our partner`s.

*PCB Material Highlights: FR4, CEM1, CEM3, FR2, FR1, XPC, IMS, FR-5, High Tg, Green Material.

*Surface Finish Option: HASL, Anti-tarnish coating (OSP) , Ni/Au (immersion gold) , Ni/Au (soft gold) , mixed, fre-flux white tin, carbon resistance
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