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We currently produce three major types of product-flat, sloping, and finished ferment bedplates. The bedplate surface is made of toughened glass, the joints between which can be adjusted to produce a level surface. Thus printing can be done as well at the joints at the middle of the plates, which effectively reduces the amount of plate needed. The imported electrical conducting guide rails, galvanized positioning grooves, and nylon positioning pins are all immune to wear and tear, and assure printing quality.

The earliest generation of products were plug-in types, the plugholes easily wore out after prolonged use, which lead to imprecise positioning during operations. The second generation of products leant against an external positioning guide. However as there were only two positioning points, it was very difficult for the operator to position precisely during production. The third generation of products which we have just developed use a scientific theory of 3 point positioning, which provides a complete solution to the problems which beset the previous two generations of products. Our new products feature outstanding advantages in terms of precise positioning, fast bedplate speed(more than thrice as fast as previous models) , delicate processing, etc. The equipment fully ensures that printed products meet the most advanced level currently available within the domestic market.

This steel surface was developed on the basis of a market survey and customer feedback, and was developed in partnership with our customers.
Printing production line bedplates are categorized as follows:
1. Plain steel plate
2. Sloped steel plate
3. Finished garment steel plate
4. Finished trousers steel plate
5. Finished garment pocket steel plate
Note: Plates 3, 4 and 5 can be combined as required to produce surfaces of all sizes.

We produce all types of finished garment plates, and can also produce customized plates. Plates may be used in any combination as required by the customer.
1. After the drying, the plate surface retains a concentrated heat for along time.
2. Plates easily absorb heat.
3. Plates resist warping and deformation.
4. Less fragile than normal glass, resists heat corrosion better than rubber sheeting.
5. Easy to clean, drop-proof, etc.