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Prisms are generally used to achieve a 900 light path bend. Depending on prism orientation, images will be inverted, but correct left-to-right (see illustration at left) . If a right angle prism is rotated 900, images viewed through the prism will be erect, but reversed left-to-right. Prisms can also be used in combination for image/beam displacement. Prisms have three equal 600 angles and are also referred to as dispersing prisms. Equilateral prisms are used for wavelength separating applications. Our equilateral prisms in both uncoated and anti-reflective (MgF2) versions. Prisms are useful for shortening the optical path length of an instrument while maintaining image orientation. UV fused silica features a coefficient of thermal expansion of just 0.55m/:C and excellent transmission throughout the UV, visible, and NIR spectral ranges, making these prisms ideal for applications where the temperature cannot be controlled. Coated options enhance overall efficiency. UV Fused Silica features improved surface accuracy and surface quality compared to our N-BK7 prisms.

Dimensions Tolerance: 10.1mm
Surface Quality: 60/40, 40/20 and even better.
Surface Flatness Lambda 4 @632.8nm
Angular Deviation is less than 30 arc sec
Clear Aperture is more than 90%
Bevel Protective bevel
Material BK7, JGS1, Fused silica and other optical glass.
We can also do ANTI-REFELCTION coating on the prisms.
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5,000 pcs per month
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20 days
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