Sell Pro-shot 50cc pistol-Grip syringes

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Pro-Shot 50 cc Pistol-Grip syringe was engineered for the cost-conscious producer who doesn't want to sacriflca accuracy for prlce. Pro-shot 50 cc is ruggedly built from high-impact plastlc to be both durable and extremely lightwelght. its transparent, graduated barrel is made of nonporous polypropylene, which will not discolor. Lts simple dosge sleeve can be easily adjusted from 1 to 5 cc's. This syringe has a non-adjustable nylon plunger assembly and a luer lock hub. The extremely accurate Pro-Shot 5 cc Pistol-Grip Syringe combines the outstaning features of time tested pistol-grip syringes. yet is economicaly priced.