Sell ProMALT-NV  (Natural High Protein Substitute)

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Promalt- NV is a plant based high protein substance, which is fortified with Vitamins, Minerals and trace elements. It contains Lacto bacillus spores, which helps in fighting diseases.
High protein substance of Promalt-NV contains 18 amino acids, which are directly available for the digestion.
Promalt-NV has an eradicating substance to eradicate salmonella and E-coli from their guts and helps to increase the birds growth rate.
The calcium and other minerals helps in better formation of egg and increase the egg laying capacity of the birds, the egg shell coat is thick in nature and highly resistant for natural shocks.
The vitamins, micronutrients and other trace elements increases the absorption rates of the birds and helps in more flesh and muscle formation, growth of the animal and hence increases the weight of the animal.
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