Sell Probiotics special for aquaculture use

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(Probiotics special for aquaculture use)
!0 Leveking series of microbe probiotics !0 are produced from several beneficial microbe species, adopted modern biological technology. There are not any harmful chemical substances in the products, no harmful side effects. The functions of products are clearing the toxic and harmful substances, producing beneficial substances, setting up a favorable ecological environment, then enhancing the animal!/s immune functions, promoting growth healthy. Leveking800 series products are special for aquaculture use. 800A is a liquid, 800B is the powder.
1. Promoting the development of micro algae in pond water to be benign and diversity, to improve the water quality and the benthic deposit obviously.
2. Resolving the excrements and organic substances in the water, decreasing ammonia, hydrosulfate and nitrite obviously.
3. Inhibiting the harmful microbe to improve the diseases-resistant ability and to increase the survival