Sell Processing Machines And/or Lines For Food

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Fruit processing and canning lines
Suitable for processing fruit such as peach, apricot, apple, pear, ecc. with a capacity up to 50 tn/hr. The final form of the product can be in syrup (tin cans) , jam or marmelade (jars) fruit puree or pulp (in aseptic packaging)

Vegetable processing and packaging lines.
Suitable for processing products such as green beans, peas, spinach, ocra, carrots, ecc. with a capacity up to 20 tn/hr. The final form of the product can be sachet, box or frame.

Tomato processing and canning lines.
Suitable for processing tomato with a capacity up to 80 tn/hr. The final form of the product can be tomato paste or diced tomato (in tin cans or aseptic packaging) , ketchup (jars) or other.

Processing and packaging lines for other agricultural products.
There is possibility to design and supply complete processing and packaging lines for the majority of the agricultural products, like fresh salad in sachets, olives in jars, red peppers in tin cans, ecc.

VFFS machines (final form: bags
Suitable for packing all solid products like coffee, legumes, rice, sugar, dry nuts, frozen vegs, raisins, ecc. using different filling systems, like auger filler, volumetric system, multiweighing, or, parallel weighing system.

Shrinking machines
Fully- or semiautomatic suitable for promoting packaging, or, multipacks

Filling/bottling machines/lines
Suitable for liquid products such as water, olive oil, chemicals, refreshments, ecc.

Labelling machines.
Suitable for labelling on bottles, jars, tin cans, boxes, ecc. using self-adhesive label, or, glueing system (e. g. hot-melt) .

Metal detectors


Color inspection systems

Packaging machines of different types.
Vacuum-thermoforming machines, horizontal flow-pack machines, carton erectors, palettizing machines.

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