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Shanghai Star Ltd. , for legal and tax considerations incorporated in Hong Kong in 1997, started out as an independent exporter of ingredients and concentrates from Shanghai and Guangdong to the Japanese food industry. Word of mouth quickly spread that here was a Chinese trading house, which shared Japans stringent views on quality, and as a consequence, our Company was soon urged to also procure a fast growing list of Made in China non-food products. Initially these were container loads of relatively simple consumer items like e. g. stationary, computer peripherals, etc. But as Chinas technical modernization advances with breathtaking speed (some not all [yet]!- Chinese factories are already equipped to make the average European workshop look somewhat obsolete) so does foreign demand for more sophisticated precision items like injection tools, moulds, etc. , which are now among our specialties.
Today a full subsidiary of Deutsche Consult, we have long ceased any sort of trading for our own account, but are the Worlds procurement/ purchasing agent in China. Our Chinese-German Team specialises in injection moulds/tooling and over 1,000 light industry products as well as in office equipment. Most manufacturers we work with are ISO 9000 certified. From the selection of suppliers, negotiations on prices to quality control: We make sure that you get what you pay for, and do not rest before your goods are safely in their containers.
The formula is simple:
Our purchasing know-how + Chinas low manufacturing cost = Your competitive edge!

No more disappointments in China: Just contact Shanghai Star!