Sell Produce No:18 (Food Breaking Machine)

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Food Breaking Machines are economical and pratical machines for small and medium family enterrises. The machine is making thin all of beans and corn from bengalit's timess on. Its working with house electric. Specialy you are making plane, pulp and strow with its changeable second knife. Its make food everthing useful for animols. (rotten beet, patoto, apple and wet fruit honde and hulls etc. ) in this was its transport to higt production and ekonomy. For example, the farmis having five animals. in this from the former dos pay money for machine. The former does win this money in four mouth again. in this way prodution is two fold increaus with canscious food. The machine; have five sifters This sifters does have hole of diffend dimension. The machines have are powder food knife and are wet dry wefull plane and pulp knife food capacity is 650 kg/h.

TECHNICAL CARACTERISTICS 3Hp Monofaze Electric Motor Engine 2800 d. /min. 2.2 kw. 220Volt Can Working Of Nehvork Electric Redbad Rulman System Lubricution System With Grasvr 650 kg. h. Food Breaking To Capacity Automatic Fuse To Safety 8 Basic Kurtful Kniffe System 28 Cutter Knife System 4 Plane Knife System 5Sifter Change (Haracterutic) Basket Swideness For 2,5 Tin HEALTHYBUILDIG, LONG LIVED BREAD: 750 mm. LONGTH: 950 mm. HIGHNESS: 1400 mm. WEIGHT: 30 kg