Sell Produce auto water pump bearings

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We have advanced technic and outstanding engineers as well kinds of inspection machines. We supply our OEM top quality water pump bearing with competitive price to our Europe cutomers , Middle East customers, South & East customers and South America customers. We also can poduce as per customers' requires and drawings. Now we have got ISO9001 certificate and are applying TS14969 certificate.

The life of our normal water pump bearings is 50.000kms. The life of our bearings matching China Volkswagen is over 200.000kms and matching China BMW is over 300.000kms.

For assuring our bearings quality , we equip advanced inpection machine, for example: S0910-1 testing vibration. Hardness meter testing hardness. Roughness measuring instrument and Roundness measuring instrument testing roughness. X093J and X094J testing radial clearance and so on.