Sell Product Sourcing and contract Manufacturing

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Business & Cultural Bridge to
Manufacturing in China with
Technical support in Taiwan

Target Business
Worldwide (primarily USA and European) companies who wish to take advantage of low cost, high quality Chinese Manufacturing of Products,
Electronic Products
Plastics Mouldings
Mechanical Parts
Electronic Parts

Core EBRIDGE Service
Strong Financial and Commercial Processes
Knowledge and Network of Chinese Suppliers
Experienced Business & Engineering Team
Single point of contact for Customers

Cultural Differences
Dealing with Chinese Suppliers
Dealing with Chinese Law
Guarding Intellectual Property
Establish Payment Terms & Currency Issues
Dealing with Potential Chinese State Interference
Definition of Quality

Core Engineering
Plastic Design
Tooling Design
PCB Design
Electronics Design
Component Sourcing and Supply Chain
Manufacturing Process Improvement
Quality Control
World Wide Distribution

EBRIDGE Main Contractor
Responsibility for multiple Chinese sub-contractors required for each product
(legal and financial)
Provide all Project Management
Provide a Single Point of Contact
Agreed Single Legal Framework
(Taiwan or US law)
Agreed Single Financial Mechanism
(Payment in USD $ to Agreed
Currency Rates and Milestones )

Example Products
MP3 Player
Headphones / Microphone / Speakers
Card Reader
LCD Monitor
Scanner / Web Cam
Example Products
Plastic Mould
Stamping Mould
Die Casting
Forging Parts
Cable / Connector
Package / Printing

Example Specifications
Quotation for design, build and production
Standard Terms and Conditions
Project Plan
Subcontract Management Procedures
Quality Assurance Procedures
Product Design Specification
Product Test and Certification

Financial Stability
Substantial Investors / Financial Backing
Prestigious Offices
Experienced Team
Can operate for significant period before securing first large contract