Sell Product Sourcing in Indonesia

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Rezaldy Intl Offering Sourcing at Indonesia on pre-negotiation, during negotiations, and post-negotiation.

W eoffer wide raneg numbe rservices to make your supply chain from Indonesia is REAL CONTROL by you .

REZALDY INTERNATIONAL able to search new supplier and give you accurate information about the supplier and physically check as well. This will ensure youll got the right supplier for your business standard such as quality and deadlines.

According to our experience, I will able to provide you the lowest shipping cost from Indonesia to your expected port in your country. As the freight costs are the important point for you to have the competitive selling price to your customer. In the end you will be have a good supplier, good monitoring , excellent shipping , competitive freight cost just like you have your own office at Indonesia.

It will also Reduce your costs, increase profits, Minimize risks of foreign sourcing, Greater flexibility and wider options, and improved efficiencies in your supply chain , in the end will lower down your unit cost which in turn increase your profit margin.

If you Interested to number services offered by REZALDY INTL , please let me know , then we can discuss any further .