Sell Product sourcing in India

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Help you in sourcing and importing from India!

If you want to buy something from India? But. . .

No prompt reply?
No reliable suppliers?
No qualified products with competitive price?
No best communication?

We can help!

If you are regular buying something from India? But. . .

Too much traveling time and charges to inspect your ordered goods.
Too difficult to find new design.
Too difficult to get better suppliers.

Why not let us do these for you?

We will save your time, money and energy! So email us information about the product along with your target price and quantity you want. You will be surprised what we can do for you.
Our services:

1) Airport, train station or bus station pick-up service provided.

2) Hotel accommodations arrangements provided. We have agreed low rates with various hotels.

3) We source products for you, and you buy direct from whole markets or factory, our staff will translate and be with you, from the first day you come till the last day you leave India, or you do not come, let everything we do.

4) We arrange with suppliers and manufacturers and consolidate your goods in our warehouses.

5) We inspect all your goods.

6) We arrange all the necessary documentations.

7) We load all your containers.

8) We arrange the earliest and stable shipment of your goods.

9) We provide a Packing List to you 3 days after goods are shippped.

10) We send the Bill of Lading, Original Invoices and Packing List to you via courier.

Your advantages:
1) You buy at lowest prices, and we source any of your interested products.

2) You buy direct with manufacturers or distributors. No middle parties involved.

3) You may buy goods according to your requirements. You may buy 1 carton per item; we consolidate them into one container.

4) You will be able to see, touch and feel products and buy goods according to your decision.

5) You will be exposed to various kinds of factories with our help.

6) You will be able to buy like many others could have never dreamt of buying the same way in India.
7) You may schedule your shipments. We can store your goods in our warehouses awaiting shipment dates.

8) You do not have to wait 30-60 days for shipments from India anymore.
9) You will never be disappointed in not being able to buy over 300 items in 1 single container.

10) Prices match almost production prices from direct factories.

11) You will never have to worry for any non-shipments anymore.

Our commitments:
1) To ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
2) To ensure customers welfare while in Mumbai or other places in India.
3) To ensure inspections of goods are done before any shipment.
4) To ensure on-time shipments.

Free feel to contact us for more information.