Sell Product sourcing of various household items

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We have strong product sourcing capability, attributing to wide connection of manufacturers and suppliers in Hong Kong, PRC, Taiwan and Korea providing various ranges of products. In addition, we have a branch office in PRC with an advantage of speeding up competitive sourcing in Mainland China. Our product strength is on the aspect of games, watch / clock, toys, stationery, household, and display rack.
We are able to provide customized design through design process of sketching concept, rendering illustration, producing 3-D models or prototypes for final evaluation before engineering and tooling. We have a team of seven designers in H. K. / PRC generating concept, product and graphic design.

We attend domestic and overseas trade show to stay current with market trends, tastes and fashion.

We have experienced staff in PRC, supporting our objective of Quality Assurance by conducting factory audit, WIP and shipment inspection.