Sell Product sourcing services in Turkey

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Located in Kayseri /Turkey, we, as NETEREN Foreign Trade and Consulting Ltd. Co. are a foreign trade and consulting company whose main specializations are in international marketing consultancy and international market development both for Turkish companies during their activities in international markets and for Non-Turkish companies during their procurement and sourcing operations from Turkey .

Acting as buying office and solution partner of Non-Turkish companies in their existing or potential procurement and sourcing operations from Turkey and performing as independent export department of Turkish companies during their business transactions with target markets, we are providing a custom-made complete set of solutions in order to add a value to our clients overall operational efficiency and make them save their valuable time and financial resources. .


Procurement & Sourcing Consulting,
Import Consulting,
Export Consulting

Putting the customer satisfaction, operational excellence and confidentiality at the core of our operations, we are not working as intermediary or export-trader company but as an independent but dependent department of your company who is responsible for tracking the whole import, export and sourcing operations from identification of manufacturers/ suppliers for private label or sub-contracting purposes up to arrangement of buying/selling negotiations, supervision of manufacturing phase by regularly follow-ups , control of quality and arrangement of logistics and customs clearances.

Please check out our company website and contact us for detailed information about our team members and our projects