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Keeping you in touch, at a single touch! The RX-08 is a combination transmitter & receiver listening device that contains a special quart receiver as well as a quart oscillator transmitter. The performance and ease - of - operation of this unit are unbeatable. No conventional wireless microphone that uses a FM radio for listening can possibly compare.

The distance can up to: 300 to 500 meters.
The required conversation can be heard simply by turning on the switch, since the frequency is fixed by the quartz oscillator.
Ultra-compact design:
Both the transmitter and the receiver have been designed as ultra-compact units that offer optimum performance. The small size of the specialist receiver is particularly useful it will even fit into the breast pocket of a business shirt!
Special frequency:
Because the units are locked onto a dedicated special frequency, there is no possibility of listening to the transmission with other receivers.
Outstanding performance:
The long range of the waves transmitted by the RX-08 outstrips than on all conventional wireless microphones, making it possible to pick up voices clearly even at distant locations.
2-channel system for RX-08:
This unique system make it possible to listen to conversations at points A-B 2 by using transmitters A. B 2 in conjunction. (This specification is only RX-08)
Conversations can be recorded even while listening to them with the earphones. Simply connect the receiver to a portable pocket tape-recorder with a cord and operate the devices manually. . . even with htem in your pockets! (The size of tape jack is 3.5mm) Do not take off earphone, because the earphone cord serves as the antenna for this unit.
Receiver: 47 X 86 X 18mm.
Room voice transmitter: 31 X 44 X 15mm.
Telephone voice transmitter: 19 X 44 X 14mm.
Retail box: 150 X 120 X 25mm.
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