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Diamond profile wheel is one kind of the dyadic hand movement of table top edge finishing machines. designs and produce diamond tools for the precision machining of unfired ceramics, granite and marble. The diamond router bits can be used for granite, marble, and various unshaped stone, and also are applicable for used on the stone furniture and account table's edge processing, profile wheel is a kind of diamond tools-grinding wheel for the machine. There is an orientation axletree with the type is 6000Z in the middle or at the underside of the router wheel. Outer circle of the axletree is a steel circle to bar the router wheel during the process of grinding stone edge for machining needed profile along the appoint outline that can be processed by CNC machine tool or by manual work according to the lineation. Router bit is widely used in the process of stone furniture profile and counter's table-board profile applicable for diversed shape stone processing. Especially in all kinds of shape
can be processing, unstandard specification can
be made by the cutomer's requirements.