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High pressure die-casting aluminum molding outer shell, high strength tempered steel glass cover; high-purity aluminum reflector, integrated packing single high power LED light source; high efficiency constant current source.

1. Use the independent intellectual property rights packaged single high power LED (10w-30w) as the light source, utilize unique multi-chip integrated single-module light sources design, adopt the imported high-brightness semiconductor chips, with many characteristics of high thermal conductivity, low light attenuation, high light color purity and no double image etc.
2. The high pressure die-casting aluminium integrated lamp case, the power source housing and the light source housing is completely separated, the interior cavity of light source is closely connected with the LED light source, the exterior radiation wing dissipates the heat through the air convection, which may effectively guarantee lifespan of light source and power source.
3. The effective sealing of aging resistance foaming silicon rubber strip, the exterior of lamps shell are treated with the static plastic spraying, the protection rank for the overall lamps reach IP65, which causes the lamps to be used in the high-moisture environment.
4. The adoption of high-purity German imported aluminum reflecting cover can effectively enhance the reflection rate and ensures the output of luminous flux. And it pointedly controls the LED light within the necessary scope, improving the uniformity of the light extraction effect of luminaire and utilization ratio of light energy. It shows obvious energy-saving advantages of LED lamps.
5. Start without time-delay, it will reach the normal brightness when power is supplied, No waiting. With switch on / off frequency can reach more than millions of times.
6. Safe, rapid and flexible, adjustable at any angle, with good universality and wide range of application.
7. Green and environmental protection and pollution-free: cold light source design, non-thermal radiation, no harm to eyes and skin. Not including lead, mercury and other pollution elements, achieving the true sense of green environmental protection energy-efficient lighting.
8. The combination with the solar energy will make it a perfect partner, it gives full play to LED DC low-voltage working and energy-saving environmental protection advantage, the combination of the solar photovoltaic panel and LED light source achieves the best price-performance ratio and high reliability for clients.