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Projector Connection Interactive Whiteboard System Specification WB2200

Interactive Whiteboard WB2200 is an interactive whiteboard system bundled installation with projector. This system realized that where there is a projector there is electronic whiteboard, it can transform any projecting screen into electronic whiteboard by simple equipment installation.

Whiteboard Type: Interactive electronic whiteboard
Operating Principle: Infrared image processing position tracking
Active Area: Max 150inch
Applied To: Any materials, including soft screen and white wall
Aspect Ratio: 4:3, 16:9
Communication Interface: Connected to PC by USB
Communication Distance: 5m by the USB standard communication distance
Power Consumption: Less than 1w
Response Time: Less than 25ms (it depends on the computer)
Pointer/stylus E-pen Light Emitted: Infrared
Pointer/stylus E-pen Buttons: 1 button
Pointer E-pen Length: 36cm extendable up to 65cm
Stylus E-pen Trigger Mode: High-sensitivity, omni-directional trigger
Stylus E-pen Trigger Pressure: Less than 30g
Battery Required: Pointer e-pen AA battery, stylus e-pen AAA battery
OS Required: windows 2000/ XP/Vista, Linux, MAC
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