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ALLY video PTV is a best product applying for both home and leisure entertainment such as disco, kara OK, sauna and etc. it has some traits of portable size, freely adjustable screen, powerful vision impact effect, together with excellent audio effect, video & audio effects are combined to place ourselves on the scene; super sense enjoyment draw a brand new home video concept Following are seven features of this product.

Direct plugging TV signal cable.
Same with ordinary TV, merely plugging directly TV signal cable into input terminal, we can watch TV programs nationwide at once, and no need to shift signal, its structure is so simple as to be handled handily.

Opposite to ordinary design: extreme large screen
Overthrowing traditional narrow screen concept, we create freely adjustable image and heart-quake extreme large screen. Video &audio effects are combined to bring you super enjoyment.

Outstanding proportion between its function and price.
combined with modern hi-tech production, it can be plugged with DVD/VCD/computer and etc. signal sources, serving people with excellent potential high quality and low price.

Green technology
With Exclusive healthy features as zero radiation, no pollution, low noise and consumption and eyesight-protection, these features deepens green theme continually.
Simplified design
The design of PTV is both simple and elegant. With its exquisite figure, it will save your precious time and let you feel at ease.

Easy operation
With a remote control unit, you can enjoy beautiful scene immediately just by a press.

Personalized service
Whatever front projection or hanging projection, and no matter it is placed in entertainment places or in your home, we strive to serve you our best solution

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