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Product name: Prometryn
Chemical name: N2, N4-di-isopropyl-6-methylthio-1,3,5-triazine-2,4-diamine
Molecular formula: C10H19N5S
Molecular weight: 241.37
CAS No. : 7287-19-6
Property: M. P. 118-120C, V. P. 0.133mpa, Solubility in water 33 mg/l, in acetone 300, ethanol 140, toluene 200, hexane 6.3, n-octanol 110 (all in g/l,25C) . Stable to hydrolysis at 20C in neutral, slightly acidic or slightly alkaline media. Hydrolysed by warm acids and alkalis. Decomposed by u. v. irritation.
Uses: Prometryn is a selective triazine herbicide used to control broadleaf and grassy weeds in Rice, wheat, cotton, soybeans, peanuts, peas, celery, onion, carrot and other crops, and in conifer reforestation plantings.
Prometryn 97% Tech;
Prometryn 40%, 50% WP;
Prometryn 50% SC.
Package: As per customer's instruction.