Sell Prophy mate/polisher - Dental Descaler (JH-M202)

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JH-M501 Prophy mate
Product Description

Prophy-Mate is a kind of dental descaler equipment which is used synthetically with complex treatment method in dental surgery. It is connected to the joint of high speed manual machine of complex treatment unit, the air souse(0.3Mpa-0.4MPa) and water source(0.2MPa-0.4MPa) on complex treatment unit will control air pressure and water pressure of Prophy-Mate.

The operating principle of Prophy-Mate is as follows: The sand blasting powder in case would spurt out from nozzle via pipeline by compressing the air into case At the time of powder spurting out, it mixes with water spurting out from mouth of Prophy-Mate to form into a foggy mixture. And this mixture would spray on the surface of teeth.

1. The appearance is handsome and dexterous and the structure is indiscrete.
2. Directly connecting to complex treatment unit, so it is very handy.
3. It is easy to replace the working head of Prophy-Mate. And it can be sterilized in condition of vacuum with temperature of 121.
4. Anti-resorption facility in san blasting gun can prevent sand blasting powder to be back-adsorbed into complex treatment unit.

Technical parameters:
1. Prophy-mate can be divided into two types according to connection mode: Connector (two holes) and connector (four holes)
2. Water pressure: 0.2Mpa-0.44MPa
3. Air pressure: 0.3Mpa-0.4MPa
4. Water spraying amount of working head: 30ml/min
5. Sand blasting amount of working head: 2.4g-3.2g/min