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Product name: Propiconazole
Chemical name: (1) -1- [2(2,4-dichlorophenyl) -4- propyl -1,3- dioxolan -2- ylmethyl] -1H-1,2,4-triazole
Molecular formula: C15H17N3O2C12
Molecular weight: 342.2
CAS No. : 60207-90-1
Property: Technical grade is light yellow viscous liquid. Boiling point (13.3Pa) 180C. Vapor pressure (20C) 0.133mPa. Density 201.27g/cm3. Solubility (20C) in water 110mg/L, easy solves in organic solvents. Stable under below 320C and sunlight, and stable in acidic, alkali media. Can't erode metal.
Uses: It's a systemic triazole fungicide, used to control powdery, rust, Take-all of Wheat, Root rot, leaf spot of banana.
Propiconazole 95% Tech;
Propiconazole 25% EC.
Package: As per customer's instruction.