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Propolis is a unique natural resin, which comes from certain trees. This resin is used to protect the trees from infection. Bees gather these tree resin, then combine it with secretion, nectar, beeswax and pollen to make bee propolis. Bees bring it back to the hive to line the walls and fix all the different movable elements together. propolis, which in Greek means defender of the city, can rightly be regarded as a great protector.

The principal ingredients in the raw form are resin, wax, essential oils and pollen. It has fourteen of the 15 minerals (it does not contain sulfur) that the human body requires for normal function. Bee propolis is also rich in amino acids and has a high contents of vitamins except for vitamin K.

Besides, hundreds of chemical compounds have been identified from propolis. The main chemical classes present in propolis are flavonoids that have extensive antibacterial effect, phenolics, and various aromatic compounds.

In our extracting program, the beeswax and other impurity are eliminated through an extraction process. The bioactive components in the propolis can be retained through having well-defined protocols during the process.
Raw Propolis
Refined Propolis 95% (solid block)
Propolis Extract Powder 50%~70%
Propolis Tincture 20%~50%
Water-soluble Propolis Tincture10% ~20% (alcohol free)
Propolis Pasty 60%~80%

Tianshan can adjust purity, excipients, forms at your requests.

Raw Propolis, Refined Propolis and Propolis Extract Powder :20 kg in a carton
Propolis Tincture, Propolis Pasty and Water-soluble Propolis :10 kg in a plastic drum, one plastic drum in a carton
* Tianshan Propolis can also be packed as per your requirement.

Storage and Shelf life
Store in cool and dry place.
Keep away from direct light and heat.
3 years when properly stored.

Initiate the body's immune defences.
Antiseptic and regenerating effect on skin
Help to heal cuts, scrapes, acne, rashes, burns, sunburns, etc.
Work to maximize the effects of Vitamin C.
Acting as a local anesthetic
Propolis chewing gum and Propolis throat spray help soothe sore throats
Reducing spasms, healing gastric ulcers, and strengthening capillaries

Propolis when refined can be used as a health product for humans and animals consumption.
Propolis can be used in many applications such as producing creams, mouthwash, toothpaste, ointments and everyday body-care products.
Propolis tincture can be used as an aid on wounds, diluted with water and used as a gargle or taken internally as a dietary supplement--dripping directly into the throat or onto bread, mixing in honey, etc.