Sell Propylene Carbonate

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Propylene Carbonate

I, Characteristics and Applications

Propylene Carbonate, with molecular formula C4H6O3, is a colorless transparent liquid. Its melting point is -480 and boiling 238.40. It can be solved in water and carbon tetrachloride and well mixed and solved with diethyl ether, acetone and benzene etc. As a highly effective agent, Propylene carbonate is used to get rid of carbon dioxide in petroleum vapor , oil splitting gas, casing head gas, synthetic ammonia, plasticizer, textile agent or dispersant of water soluble dye and pigment, oil solvent and extraction agent of alkene and aromatic hydrocarbon, excellent medium in lithium cells industry and solvent of polymers. Moreover, PC can be used as a fine carbonization agent in producing carbonates.
II, Quality Indexes (The quality system accords with GB/T19001-2000idt ISO9001:2000, and the measuring system accords with ISO10012)
Purity >=99.9%
Ash <=0.01%
Water <=0.02%
Density 1.20010.005
Colorless and transparent liquid without mechanical materials
III, Package

Packed in drums or high density plastic drums of 20010.5kg net each

IV, Storage and Transportation

Stored in cool, dry and ventilated places, kept far from fire, and transported as a common chemical of low-toxicity