Sell Propylene Glycol

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I, Characteristics and Applications
Propylene Glycol, with molecular formula C3H8O2, is colorless transparent liquid. Its melting point is -59.50 and boiling point is 187.30, and can be mixed or solvent with water, alcohol and several organic agent. Propylene glycol is a raw material for producing unsaturated of plasticizer, dehydrant, surface active agent, firming agent and binder. Moreover, PG can be used as antiseptics, ice inhibitor and moisture preserver of tobacco.

II, Quality Indexes (Pharmaceutical grade accords with the standards of CP2000, USP and BP QJ/YSTL-02-29-1999)

(The quality system accords with GB/T19001-2000idt ISO9001:2000, and the environmental management system accords with ISO14001:1996)
Purity % >=99.0
Water % <=0.2
chlorides ppm 10
Sulphates ppm 10
Density 1.037-1.039
Colorless, transparent and sticky liquid

III, Package

In iron or high density plastic drum of 20010.5kg net each.

IV , Storage and Transportation

Kept in shady, dry and ventilated places and transported as a combustible chemical product.
Supply Capacity
11000 Ton Per Year
Minimum Order Quantity