Sell Propylene Glycol

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Product Name: Propylene Glycol
Origin: China
Molecular Formula: C3H8O2
CAS No. : 57-55-6


Technical grade
Item Index
Color, APHA Max. 15
Content% Min. 99.0
Moisture% Max. 0.2
Specific Gravity (20/20) 1.035-1.039
Free acid, (CH3OOH) , ppm Max. 75
Residue, ppm Max. 80
Distillation range>95% 184-190
Index of refraction 1.433-1.435
Packing: Packed in galvanized iron drums of net weight 210kg/drum, IBC drums of net weight 1000kg/drum, or ISO tank.

Pharmaceutical grade
Item Index
Color Tone (APHA) 10 max
Water, % 0.2 max
Specific gravity (20/25 0C) 1.0350~1.0410
Refractive index(250C) 1.4307~1.4317
Distillation range (L) , 0C 184.0~189.0
Distillation range (U) , 0C 184.0~189.0
Distillation volume, Vol% 95 min
Identification passed
Acidity, ml 0.20 max
Chloride, % 0.007 max
Sulfate, % 0.006 max
Heavy metals, ppm 5 max
Residue on ignition, % 0.07 max
Organic Volatile impurity Chloroform, 5g/g 60 max
Organic Volatile impurity 1.4 dioxane, 5g/g 380 max
Organic Voltile impurity methylene chloride, 5g/g 600 max
Organic Voltile impurity trichloroethylene, 5g/g 80max
Assay, GLC% 99.5 min
Packing: Packed in galvanized iron drums of net weight 200kg/drum.

Its most important end use is in the production of unsaturated polyester resins that, in turn, go into items that affect our daily lives, like water tanks, or our leisure time, like sailing boats. It can also be used as plasticizer, surface active agent, emulsifying agent and demulsifying agent, mould inhibitor, antiseptic for fruit, ice inhibitor and moisture preserving agent for tobacco.