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Arazyme is secreted and isolated from a kind of microorganism living in the intestine of the spider (Nephila clavata) in Korea. It is quite different from the serine protease usually used in feed now. The activity of Arazyme can be promoted by metal ion but the serine protease is sensitive to the ion. This results in the more efficient degenerating protein in feed and a high increase in the utility of feed.
Increasing the usage rate of protein and other nutrition
Promoting growth of animals
Decreasing the happens of low digestibility of feed
Preventing the diseases
10. Quickly recovering by drinking after being diseases

Product Activity (>=) : 1,000,000 IU/kg

0.1-0.35kg/T complete feed
*For animal recovering the recommend dosage should be 0.7-1kg/T feed. It is better to dissolve the product in water.


Avoid solarization, drench, and airproof condition,12 months under 250