Sell Proudct Design , Assembly / Manufacturing

Proudct Design , Assembly / Manufacturing You May Also Be Interested In: automotive components rubber molding
We provide design and services mainly in the fields of medical products, IT, home appliances , instrument etc.
We will save you a minimum of 50% of the cost and will finish the projects exactly within the lead time.
1) Market research
2) Industrial design
3) Engineering design
4) Graphics design

1) Molding , tooling , prototype
We have our own plastic mould factory in southern China, where we make "normal" plastic molds and do plastic manufacturing and final parts assembl.
we work with a few partners for more specialized molds such as:high precision parts , automotive components , blow molding , rubber molding, rapid injection molding, metal stamping, zin die casting etc,
Over the years we have carefully selected, tested and trained our partners to a level where they can confidently and consistently meet all quality standard

2) Manufacturing Project
Per-design internationalized management team manages your manufacturing project in China
For most manufacturing project, , Per-design takes title to the product, and are in charge of managing the whole process of tooling, production ramp-up, packaging design and logistics.