Sell Pseudo Boehmite Alumina

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Pseudo Boehmite Alumina

Property: white powder, high purity, lower compact bulk density, high porosity volume, and easily dispersied, easily dissolved in dilued acid and alkali solution; dehydrated under the low temperature can become the high activated alumina.

Main usage: this product is the good materials for all kinds of aluminum salt, after the moulding process, it can be used as desiccant, sorbent and catalyst carrier in different shapes, it can be colorant, stabilizer in glass and porcelain enamel industry, and it also can be the good raw material for ink filler and luminescent material.
Main specification:

SiO2 % Fe2O3
% Na2O
% Compact Bulk Density
g/ml Porosity Volume
ml/g B. E. T
M2/g L. O. I
<=0.15 <=0.01 <=0.08 <=0.3 >=0.70 >=300 22-25