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21% Lambda-cyhalothrin + Phoxim SL
This is the first low toxic prduct for outside environment in China. Its advantages are high effective and kill fast with high deadly and safe for environment.
Active ingredient: Lambda-cyhalothrin and Phoxim (WHO recommend)
Target pests: Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Flies, Ants.
Advantages: It is a high content insecticides to create a beautiful city.
Usable range: can be sprayed in green line, lawn and city square and other similar fly infested areas. It is specially used in refuse dump to kill pests.
Usable methods: Space spray is good to kill mosquitoes and flies.
Stay spray is good to kill cockroaches or ULV.
Package: 500mlW20bottle/case, 5L/drum, 20L/drum, as to customer requirement
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