Sell Public Shells

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$200,000.00 plus (3% Stock) Pink Sheet Company (7) in Inventory - (2 In Contract)

Pink Sheet Shell Company
Pink Sheet Shell Companies or Pinks are companies that are listed by the National Quotation Bureau (NQB) . The NASD and the SEC do not require Pink Sheet companies to maintain current reporting status or undertake expensive annual audits. Also, there are no listing requirements for the Pink Sheets such as amount of capital; number of shareholders; market cap; share price; or amount of assets.

What you receive :

CURRENT NAME OF COMPANY (Before the Reverse Merger)
Deliverable: 94%
Common Shares issued and outstanding: ,000,000
Preferred Shares:
Number of share holders: 50 Share Min - We provide at least 100
Symbol: Yes
Authorized: 00,000,000 (To be Disclosed later)
Incorporated: (TWO YEARS - Required)
State of Incorporation : Yes
Reporting: No
15c211 filed: Yes
Transfer Agent: Yes